Kingdom Of Valor

Quinlan Ford High School Band


Quinlan is a small town located about 40 miles east of Dallas, Texas. At the end of every school year, the Band Instructors reveal the music to the upcoming Marching season. Every year the students spent more time looking at their phones and giving the appropriate nods, and shrugs as the show was presented. The band instructors wanted more engagement from the students. They wanted the students to be excited and engaged. With that being said, the Fine Art Department hired me on in a very short notice of time to complete this task.

The Fine Arts Department wanted something amazing, but had a two week deadline to reach. A decision was made to use 3D and create a reveal trailer to the students. They hired me to create, edit, and finalize the trailer. The task was not going to be simple. I had less than two weeks to model, storyboard, add effects, editing audio and video, and finalize the job.


The first thing I needed was reference. I created a board on Pinterest and collected images of castles and swords.


I had little time to model, and had to decide how much time I wanted to dedicate to geometry. Since I needed something fast, I decided to use as little geometry as I could and make up the loss with 4k Textures, procedurals using max, displacement maps, and normal.

The first goal was the Castle. I only needed the front of the castle for the scene and production. It needed to be a prototype build, because the Fine Art Department is going to build this as an actual prop. Real World scale had to be used. The Castle needed to be at least 8ft tall, and easy to build.


The next goal was to create the illusion that the castle was in a real environment. I asked the Band Directors to take a high end picture of the Football field from the viewer’s view-point. The problem here was it was off season, so the markers on the field was not present.  This was recreated using the dimensions and size of a High School Football field. (360x160ft)


I now used my perspective view to match the scene and locked the camera into view. Using the same method that I explained here link. I placed a shadow-matte and camera background node to the scene.

Without Markers


With Markers created in 3D Studio Max


Final Render of 3D Concept.